Quick Start Rules

When you open the box you will see the cards are packed separately so don't mix them up!


When you open the box separate the cards into individual piles face up: SEE BELOW.
The name of each card is clearly marked on the scroll at the bottom of the card.
8 Castles / 8 Royals / 12 Terrain / 3 Utility / 10 Movement ‘3’ / 10 Movement ‘1’
8 Generals / 8 Heroes & Heroines
Select the cards with the same colours and make the packs up as shown.
RED pack – 3 Soldiers + 2 Items + 2 Formation + 2 Action.                        = (9 cards total)
BLUE pack  3 Cavalry + 2 Items + 2 Formation + 2 Action.                       = (9 cards total)
GREEN pack 3 Lancea + 2Items + 2 Formation + 2 Action                        = (9 cards total)
BLACK & WHITE pack 3 Archers + 2 Items + 2 Formation + 2 Action.   = (9 cards total)

Remove all the oppositions Castle defence to win. (Or make them surrender!)

Shuffle separately  the    Castles / Generals / Royals   and put into 3 piles face down.
Each player chooses 1 card from each pile. Place them face up in front of you.
Discard the others.
Choose your Castle and General counters.
The Castle card represents the space on the board where you place both your counters.
Each player takes a battlesheet.
Each player now takes 5 Movement ‘3’ cards  +  5 Movement ‘1’ cards.
Shuffle them all together.  Place them face down on the battlesheet marked ‘MOVEMENT’.

Decide who goes first.
The first player picks 2 coloured packs from:
RED                            x3 Soldiers  x2 Action  x2 Formation  x2 Item
BLACK & WHITE     x3 Archers  x2 Action  x2 Formation  x2 Item
BLUE                          x3 Cavalry  x2 Action  x2 Formation  x2 Item
GREEN                       x3 Lancea   x2 Action  x2 Formation  x2 Item
NOTE:  Each pack should include 9 cards the same colour.
The second player takes the remaining 2 packs.

Each player now chooses 1 Hero and 1 Heroine to match their coloured packs.
Example: Hero Luther RED goes with RED pack containing 9 cards including Soldiers – etc.
You should now have 2 Hero/Heroine cards. Each player then places their 2 remaining Hero/Heroine cards face down on the side of the board marked Heroes/Heroines.

Each player now shuffles both their coloured packs together including the
2 Hero/Heroine cards. You should have 20 cards in total.
(NOT Castles/Generals/Royals/Movement)
Now place all the cards, face down in one pile, on the battlesheet marked ‘TROOPS’.

Place the Utility cards face up next to the board.  There are 3 – Owl/Supply Ship/Priest

Shuffle the Terrain cards. Take the top 6 cards and place them face down on the side of the board marked ‘TERRAIN’.
Discard the others.

HOW TO PLAY.   (please read all of the following before commencing battle)
Decide who goes first.
On every turn pick up 2 MOVEMENT and 3 TROOPS cards as marked on the battlesheet.  Do not show your opponent.
The Castle counter cannot move from its square on the board.
The General can move up to 2 spaces plus any Movement cards.
NOTE: No diagonal moves allowed.
Empty Castle squares are safe, you cannot be attacked if you land on them. 

On every turn pick up 2 MOVEMENT cards and 3 TROOPS cards from the battlesheet.
On your turn you can stay where you are and not move.
– OR –
Use the General’s move (2 spaces) and MOVEMENT cards to get around the board. When you land on the same square as your opponents Castle or General, you can attack.
Marked on the cards in the top left corner is ‘A’ = attack and ‘D’ = defense.

To attack, use up to a total of  5 cards  from the cards in your hand including your General, and add up the amount of ‘A’ attack you intend use in battle.

To defend, your opponent uses up to a total of  5 cards  from the cards in their hand with ‘D’ defence.  Add up the amount of  ‘D’ to defend against your attacker.
When you are both ready lay your cards face up on the board and the person who has the biggest number of ‘A’ attack or ‘D’ defense, wins the battle.


If you win, your cards go to the bottom of the ‘TROOPS’ pile marked on the battlesheet face down, and your General retreats to your Castle square keeping the General’s card face up ready for the next turn.
If you lose, all your cards used for attack, including your General, go to the ‘GRAVEYARD’ marked on the battlesheet.
If you lose your General the Royal takes over and starts from the Castle space.
If you lose your Royal, let’s hope you have the PRIEST card!!
If the battle is drawn both players keep their cards in their hands and both Generals retreat to their own Castles to start again.
If you attack the Castle only, when the General is not there to defend, the total ‘A’ attack (as shown above in ‘How to Attack’) is removed from your opponent’s Castle defence marked on their Castle card. Your General then retreats to your own Castle and the attack cards used go to the bottom of the ‘TROOPS’ pile on the battlesheet, face down.
Removing all of your opponents Castle defence means you win the game!
A symbols guide is marked on the battlesheet.
If you land on a symbol on the board pick up 1 card that matches that symbol.
NOTE: You are only allowed to hold 1 TERRAIN card at any time.