Where It All Began

The realm of Castilion begins in the C14th bordered by seas to the north and south.  The heart of the territory is a huge fertile plain called Langrick.  A large fortified building was built on a slight drumlin as a statement of wealth.  Eventually, when hostile foreigners started to arrive in the peaceful sanctuary and steal crops, a castle was built for Queen Sadie as a gift from her wealthy subjects of Langrick as a statement of power and defense to protect the land.

South west of the plains of Langrick the ancient realm of Regis was occupied by Queen Evelyn. She made her home in the forests of Hold and renovated the original castle built for her ancestors, renaming her land Hold of Regis. The territory also includes the religious centre of Castilion with the southern region named Parisham.  It has become the shelter for many kings and queens who have been exiled from their lands by vicious armies and their leaders overseen by The Priest.  There is a pilgrimage to Parisham and no battles have ever taken place on this hallowed ground; yet!

The port of Cullis located in a natural harbour lies to the south east. The river that flows into the Meridiem Sea leads to a large natural lake in the plains of Langrick.  A vibrant town, with trade originating from crops grown on the Langrick plains.  The port also services the huge hinterland with weapons and supplies for the battles constantly being fought in Castilion for the land with power struggles between rival castles.

To the west of Cullis the small deep forest land of Scartree nestles in foothills leading to the coastline of the Meridiem Sea.  The close knit community is self sufficient, feeding from the forest fruits and fauna.  Strangers are not welcome and are viewed with suspicion.  On the road leading to the castle there stands a mighty oak, centuries old, surrounded by legend.  Broken, gnarled and evil looking, the tree serves as a warning to all foreign visitors.  Castle Scartree has a reputation for tireless defense and King Clarence is very selfish, trusting no one.  Wealth and power for his own gain depends on his choice of army and leaders.  Princess (Heroine) was orphaned when her parents were murdered horribly in the castle by an uprising instigated by a former evil royal ruler.  Secretly adopted by a local blacksmith she is now an excellent addition to any cavalry troop, and tirelessly bent on revenge against Castle Scartree!

In the far south east the Deadlands dominate a prominence with the arid ground reaching the long coastline on the Aquilonium Sea.  Little grows or survives in this desolate place, created by the eruption of an active volcano approximately two hundred years ago.  As the desert like area slowly becomes fertile the plains of Langrick slowly creep towards the coast.  Perhaps one day the land will become suitable for occupation and another castle will rule this once uninhabited expanse.

North West of the Deadlands sits the small kingdom of Volcaror.  The castle is positioned on the edge of the volcano crater surrounded on three sides by steep escarpments.  Brave, greedy occupiers have always flourished; until the inevitable battle for control happens and a new breed of people moves in, to populate and feed on the abundant, mineral rich rock.  Castle Volcaror is a great prize for any King or Queen to rule, taking and trading the great wealth and riches mined there, always aware of an uncertain future.  Queen Ida being very old and wise, oversees her opulent realm and treats her subjects with trust and gratitude, she keeps them happy but continually lives with the threat of disaster.  The riches of the realm are constantly sought after by rival rulers and her might and defenses built over the years are formidable.

The mountainous region of Errotak is the home of basic minerals, for example iron, supplied to the castles and armies of Castilion for forging their weapons.  Heroes own some of the best made arms exclusively honed by craftsmen from Castle Ironclad.  The reputation of the master weapon makers is renowned throughout the land and they are sought after for their skills.  Castle Ironclad is constantly under threat because of the importance of the location and benefits that ownership can bring to its ruler.  The castle was built surrounding a natural spring which supplies unlimited water to the people, making it self sufficient and difficult to besiege.  King Stanly has created reliable forces governed by powerful leadership under General Wolfstaffe. He always welcomes strong heroes and generals, whom he rewards generously.  Some say it is ruled through tyranny, but many stay to reap the great profits.  One such heroine, Everilda, escaped her possible ill fate and relishes any battle against Ironclad to attempt revenge.  The Golden Spear, stolen by Hero Percival from Castle Cronest, has an unbreakable tip made with a forging technique exclusively developed in Errotak.

West of Errotak in the flat marshlands of Cronest, a fortified city with a strategically well built castle surveys an uninterrupted view of the Plains of Langrick.  High towers with specially trained men can spot an attack from a good distance.  The marsh and bog slows down the progress of any army, enabling Castle Cronest to be well prepared for battle.  Queen Ida created great wealth and happiness from her former lands and uses Castle Cronest to enjoy her spoils.

The sparsely populated Hills of Kuthrah lie to the far west of Castilion, bordered by Wanion to the north, Scartree to the south and the Plains of Langrick to the east.  The region has many tactically important areas for castles to exist, with rolling hills encircled by large forests and some marshland.   Many heroes have trained in secret here.  Tess, whilst in exile imposed by the ruthless General Baldor, discovered the Boars Tusk Helmet which proves invaluable in battle as inspiration to his fellow troops.

Wanion, like the neighbouring Hills of Kuthrah, has forests and marshes,  which brings misfortune to those who have tried to rule this north easterly realm.  Derelict castles are strewn across the landscape with failed attempts to establish a living.  It seems a curse is placed on anyone who tries to succeed, including disease, pestilence and ill fortune.  Wanion harbours criminals and miscreants hiding from their foul deeds, but is a good area to recruit ruthless troops if a battle needs large numbers of mercenaries.  It is the gateway to Vantage Point; a place of great mystery in the furthest north west corner of Castilion.  Vantage Point is surrounded by mystery and myths and is alleged to be home to the much feared and dreaded – DRAGON!  If true, whoever controls the Dragon can end a battle in one swift move.  Many have tried to find this creature, all have failed……